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Getting your own personalized 2015 horoscope is easy - a lot of websites and services such as the one linked above offer it for free.

But how do you know you're not being tricked, scammed or wasting your time? You don't!

To help you in getting the best astrological forecast from a truly certified astrologer, I have tried and reviewed 10 of the popular astrology sites I found by searching for a reliable horoscope and picked three of them which I recommend. I am sure you will be satisfied if you try them.

Other Recommendations:
  1. Astro Center - [offer only valid until 31st August] provides a free phone consultation to offer your own 2008 horoscope.

31 Dec 2007

Libra 2008 Horoscope

The horoscope for Libra this year is varied; the zodiac signs' name originates from Lagna. The most significant indication forecasted by the 2008 horoscope is career and financially related matters. However, you seem to be prepared enough to overcome all the obstacles and in time you will get the desired results. This period also seems to be dominated by favorability in love affairs. As Jupiter will make a transit, you will be able to get the best results in study and educational areas.


The horoscope mentions that Venus will be passing over the second house while the Sun will transit over the third house until the middle of January. During this period, you will be extremely happy and you will be able to interact with an increasing number of people that can often help you in one way or another if you are ready for their help. Your fame will increase and you will be more respected. Later on, Saturn will be transiting over the eleventh house which is capable of boosting your personal and financial life. This type of planetary arrangement in the charts is auspicious for buying and selling properties or vehicles--
If you have worked in a job for a long period of time, you might get promoted or new posts within the agency might be created, which will accommodate your needs better.

Love & Social Life

In the 2008 horoscope, Saptmesh, the Mars Lord is passing over the seventh house and will join Jupiter on 27th of February 2008. Family atmosphere will be full of happiness and other comforts as long as you don't disrupt it. If you are already in love, and have a partner, the mutual attraction between you two will increase. If you have siblings, they will be more protective and helpful towards you, as well as an positive turn in their attitude. If you have not found a partner yet, then start looking as this is a very favorable period of love affairs, so you might turn lucky.

This was the 2008 horoscope for Libra - Check all the other horoscopes which have been added so far, and don't forget to check back anytime!

28 Dec 2007

Feedback on 2008 Horoscope Love Psychic Reading

Thank you all so much for e-mailing me and letting me know how the services you tried that I recommended on my blog are doing for you! I got 15 emails in total this month from delighted people! Most of them were regarding the free 2008 horoscope personalised reading by Sara Freder!

Four of them were regarding KEEN - a service which offers free love reading through the phone (yep, free as they call you). If my memory serves me correctly, I believe the first 10 minutes are free, after which you have the option to pay for $1-$10 per minute depending on the experience of your chosen psychic reader/ astrologist. So.. how does one get their 2008 horoscope or simply a psychic love reading for the new year ?

I've explained it in more detail here, in a previous post of mine but I'll just list some of the steps for you:

  1. You sign up with KEEN for a trial
  2. You choose a time of day for them to phone you (sometimes it's instant)
  3. They phone you free of charge and this conversation will last for 10 minutes!
  4. If you like what they have to say about you, you simply tell them on the website that you would like to hear more and choose the astrologer you want to talk to. Each astrologer's price differs depending on their experience but some cost as little as $0.99
So far, the service offered by them is the best I found on the internet and their website is the most popular one the internet has to offer as well, with approximately more than 6,000 visitors a day (figure calculated on basis of Alexa ranking).

One of the features that make them stand out is that they allow users to immediately connect live with professionals, instead of other services where they are either too busy (i.e not enough employess to deal with the demands) or where you have to connect to foreign countries and can hardly understand what they are talking. Fortunately, Keen is different and that is why it's the service I recommend best for psychic love reading; infact, it's the only service I recommend!

Well, this is my post for today! Just felt I had to encourage more people to use their services after the good feedback I received :))

Here are the links I refered to in my post above:

KEEN - free and recommended psychich love reading service

Sara Freder - free truly recommended personal 2008 horoscope service!

The latter one is simply a free personalized 2008 horoscope website which offers quality forecasts :)). Hope you are pleased with them!

27 Dec 2007

Got Your 2008 Horoscope Yet ?

The New Year is almost here, 3 more days to go and the blog traffic has increased considerably lately as more people are rushing to get their 2008 horoscope so they know what they can expect in the future - or to get an idea of what 2008 holds for them. I'm sure those of you who have scanned or thoroughly read my blog have an idea of what you should expect in 2008 after reading various 2008 horoscope, whether personalized (individual) or generalized ones. One of the individualized ones I recommend and which are prefered by most people can be found here, at the famous Sara Freder website.

Others might have gone back to the search engine you came from to refine your results and type in your 2008 horoscope (zodiac) sign as well, which would have directed you to more targetted pages. However, just remember that there is a 2008 horoscope for each of you out there! You just need to find it.

I've mentioned this previously and I am going to repeat it - even if you don't believe in astrology, it costs you nothing to get a free individualized horoscope! This can not only help you detect obstacles and guide you on the right path, but it will also give you an insight into what the good options may be, when you have a choice to make or simply to stay one steap ahead of the others! - see, you will already be at an advantage. How does that feel ?

So, if you haven't already I truly recommend THIS SERVICE to get your personal 2008 horoscope!

26 Dec 2007

Best Free 2008 Horoscope Reading

I talked about birth(natal) charts in an earlier post and now I am going to re-call this terminology. Everybody is individual, according to the birth charts which include date, time and place of birth although we all have 12 horoscope signs on us. Therefore, to be as precise as possible we need to take into account all of the above when predicting your 2008 horoscope. Although your zodiac sign plays one of the most strongest parts in predicting your astrology 2008 horoscope, all the other factors can't afford to be left out.

A 2008 horoscope is all about choices. Think of why you want to know your forecast - because you want to make the right choice when you are confronted with the situation! You can weight, think and then pick the right choice so you don't get rushed or surprised when the actual thing predicted in the horoscope happens to you!. I don't believe a horoscope can outline your destiny, because I don't believe in destiny - destiny can and is shaped by your choices.

I therefore truly think and believe that to get the best possible 2008 horoscope forecast, you need not only to read your zodiac sign's horoscope but to get a personal, individual horoscope prediction by a proffesional astrologist. The best service I found so far is offered HERE
and it's basically free so you won't have to pay anything.

25 Dec 2007

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to all our readers of 2008 horoscope!

23 Dec 2007

How To Write Your Own 2008 Horoscope

Throughout my blog I have been giving you links to various websites that offer you a personalized, individual 2008 horoscope and you don't have to pay them anything. Now that most of you got one already, so far, since the blog's launch this month I had 40,000 visitors I will show you a little trick how you can easily write a free 2008 horoscope with your own hands. What's that? You're not an astrologer? Well exactly, I can't tell you how to write a GOOD and VALID 2008 horoscope; what I will tell you is how to write a paragraph or two that simply 'sounds' like a horoscope.

Generalization: A statement amongst the lines of "A surprisingly interesting financial investment may be heading your way" is better than something like "Money may be heading your way". Let's now analyze this choice of words.

What do you understand when a line of text has the word 'financial' in it? That you may either gain or.. and this is most important, lose money - it's always important to consider both sides. Second of all, the word financial can denote such things as goods trading and doesn't necessarily refer to money, therefore it sounds more believable in a 2008 horoscope. The third part of this phrase worth mentioning is the word 'interesting' - use this and other variations of this word a lot as otherwise it will sound too unbelievable afterwards; in other words, a financial investment or transaction is bound to head a lot of people's ways.

Insecurity: If you use something like "You will interact with a person who has a romantic interest in you", it will make whoever reads that horoscope think about every person (hopefully of opposite sex) whether they might be the ones interested.

Reliability: Many of the horoscopes you have read so far, including the 2008 horoscope I'm sure you've already familiarized yourself with, have the tendency to make the reader put some effort in what it forecasts. A statement such as "An interested financial opportunity will arise, if you are willing to take advantage of it". At the end of the day, if they didn't spot any financial opportunity, they may blame themselves for not paying enough attention and not the horoscope.

Those were the tree important keywords you should remember if you are ever to write a horoscope, or even a 2008 horoscope - you can even do it for fun to someone ;). I hope this has helped you but remember: Some horoscope readers may take these astrological predictions veryserious as the forecasts may subconciously get to them and be very disappointed at the end of the day if they find out the 2008 horoscope has been made up!

22 Dec 2007

Gemini 2008 Horoscope

Here we are with the 2008 horoscope for Gemini:

Because the individual elemental horoscope forecast runs from birthday in one year to birthday in the following year, this horoscope will basically be from 21 May 2007 to 21 Jun 2008.

Regarding love, your popularity will increase from December until February so you better make most of it. Persistence will pay off early January, the 15th of January being just perfect for a gathering with your best friends. In this month, you might even have the luck and partner up with someone if you are persistent enough - it is a great month for flirting.

Regarding your career, the 2008 horoscope advises you to make your career a priority over the next year and you should consider investing more time and work into it, especially if it involves working with the public or you are involved in the promotion of a product.
At the same time, 2008 promises to bring a major increases in wages, however it is advisable that you treat them with care as the summer looks complicated with finance problems as Mercury, your planetary retrograde in Cancer June and July.

This is only part of the 2008 horoscope, you can read more and get a personalised on at Sara Freder.

21 Dec 2007

2008 Horoscope - Love Reading Year

I guess psychic reading is a technique employed by 'gifted' people who claim to have these psychic abilities (from reading 2008 horoscope to giving out psychic love readings). These professional psychic reading abilities include:

  • psychometry
  • distant reading (this is where our love reading is included)
  • 2008 horoscope readings
  • numerology
  • palm reading

Distant Readings are often conducted with the client being away, either in no contact at all or simply speaking on the phone. However, the client does not need to be present face to face with the astrologists. For example, readings of your horoscope. If you go to Sara Freder, she will provide you with a free personalized reading of a 2008 horoscope without you needing to be on the phone or face to face with her. These personalized horoscope readings in particular are based on techniques learnt from the house charts of a person according to their date, exact time of birth and location.

You don't need to understand how these work as long as they do! But I explained them to you here anyway.

How to Get A Free Psychic Love Reading
We covered the personal 2008 horoscope readings in details in several of my post previously, but let's focus more on psychic love reading for now. What does it take? As I said before, love reading is a psychic ability; meaning that it can be done without any face to face interaction.
Because of this, phone services such as Keen were created - this is where professional astrologers and psychic love readers offer their services for others' benefits and it's a lovely little service. At the moment, as a Christmas and New Year promotion, Keen offer a 10 minute free call for every new user. Following this, the calls will cost from $1-2 per minute to $20, depending on the experience of the astrologer/ psychic love reader you choose.

In my experience, picking an average one, $6-7 will go straight to the point and you will also learn more from him/ her. If you pick a cheap one, they might ramble on about irrelevant stuff, or even worse provide you with wrong information. If you pick a too expensive one, you might have paid more than you actually needed to. All of the $5+ astrologers have similar level of expertise in my opinion.

Now is not only the best time in the year to read a 2008 horoscope, but it's also the best time in the year to get a free psychic love reading; what I love about Keen is that you don't have to pay a cent after those 10 free minutes are over. I've personally tried this service and reviewed it here so you can see what I thought of it - but then again, I wouldn't be recommending it to you if I didn't think it's great, would I?

I'm sure you already thought of the advantages of getting a love reading done for you. Firstly, it can greatly save you time as you have a greater chance of knowing whether you and your current partner are meant for each other. It will save you wasting those 2-3 years of 'light' relationships. Of course, it doesn't mean that if you two don't fit at all you have to dump him, but it might raise a question mark and make you pay more attention to the relationship.

Psychic readings can even tell you whether your partner is cheating on you! So if you have some spare time, give Keen a go - quick, you never know when this promotion will be over!

Best of luck in whatever you choose to do, read a 2008 horoscope or get a free psychic love reading consultation!

15 Dec 2007

Horoscope - A Brief History

Astrologists have always existed - from the early ages, patterns in weather, season and crops were interesting to the initial co-habitants. Early humans simply didn't have the science required to understand how eclipses are formed, or how the planets and celestial bodies can move around us, or even how we can 'float' in space. All of this has so much to do with a 2008 horoscope; think of how one is forecasted, it all depends on the arrangement and understanding of objects in space. Early philosophers and astrologers have taught us everything we know today about this science or art; the 2008 horoscope and how to predict it - not only that, but accurately predict it.

Shapes of planets and stars became gods and symbolised goddesses and more people started gaining interest in them - the insighftul ones started to see how the science was involving, captivating more and more people's interests and time devotion. A religion had eventually formed around this science - every ancient culture had at least one form of religion whose field was in planetary and stars movements (going back to the 2008 horoscope, that's what it's all about today, isn' it? Remember those 'houses' and 'house charts' I was talking about?).

Due to so much interest, the astrologers and astronomers have now joined forces and were known to be one and the same science with similar aims. Astronomers had the job of observing and noting down the patterns they could observe in the sky which were then extrapolated around their life experiences, which was the astrologists' concern.

Three main cultures were the Inca, Mayan and the Aztec which all had complex astrological mentalities based on 20 elements in a horoscope (12 now in our 2008 horoscope). 12 of the 20 are still included in today's zodiac, however the other 8 were 'extinguished' together with the originating tribes.

In comes the chinese horoscope

The increasing interest in astrology has extended to the far east and eventually reached nations such as China. Around 1000 B.C. a zodiac which corresponded to constellations had been developed; 28 part lunar horoscope. The wheel was divided into 24 divisions of the year, together with 12 outer branches corresponding to animals. This was the debut of the chinese horoscope which is still used today - remember 2008 is said to be the year of the rat? Well the chinese 2008 horoscope will be under the rat column in the wheel below. Further differentiations between the animals were made - each of the elements were associated to a year.

2008 horoscope forecast

The astrologists have gone through a lot to bring the horoscope system as we see it today - different systems played an influential role in different cultures, from gods and godesses to fire rats and metal rabbits, the astrological science has evolved allowing you to now easily gain an advantage over others in your interest is in a 2008 horoscope.

14 Dec 2007

2008 Horoscope Love Reading

2008 horoscope ball
With the year of rat promising to be full of success in career in love - at least from what I gathered from quickly scanning through all 2008 horoscope forecasts, I thought it's only sensible to write more about psychic love reading.

You may have noticed that I have added a love calculator above (or some of you may see it to the right) - this is a little JavaScript program I coded which allows you to enter two names and the probability that the two names will make a perfect pair is displayed - I have based it entirely on what I believed to be the conflicts and attractions after reading the 2008 horoscope and astrology 2008 report.

NOTE: Don't worry at all if you get 0% of something under 50% because it's not that accurate at all - it doesn't even have artificial intelligence to predict these astrological forecasts. It's just based on a series of syntaxes I inserted into the javascript that obey the 2008 horoscope laws I programmed it to obey - I will probably remove it in a few days not to confuse people but I was bored earlier and that was something fun to do !

Ok, sorry for wasting your time if you decide not to use it but let's consider the steps you can take to get a more ACCURATE LOVE PSYCHIC reading! Not only that, but also for free on the internet. I talked about the website offering this service before, and that website is KEEN.

The beautiful part about them is that they are completely FREE and it's also by phone - they call YOU. You take your 10 minute trial phone call free of charge and only then if you decide that you would like to hear more you have to pay. Even so, it's only about $0.99 per minute from then on so close to nothing for most of you!

I personally think it's worth quality wasting a few pennies instead of wasting your time with the wrong person!

After having my love reading taken (I know...) I am very happily recommending them to you as I believe they offer a brillant service! Good luck with whatever you choose to do and don't forget to get your personalized 2008 horoscope from Sara Freder!

2008 Horoscope and Astrology 2008

The new year 2008 horoscope promises to bring new ideas to our life!

Let's divide the horoscope into the different signs:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

With the help of Sara Freder I am able to give you a 2008 GENERALIZED prediction for each of these signs. I emphasize that this is only generalized. If you visit her website you can get a PERSONALIZED 2008 horoscope by simply providing a few details about yourself. She will then reply in 24h maximum, depending on how busy she is with your personalized 2008 horoscope yearly forecast.

Aries 2008 Horoscope:

"Opportunities will arise in 2008 which will have a positive affect on your career. Mastery of your goals is important and your energy will be more focused towards meeting your goals. Leadership will be one of your strong points and deep changes that will transform you will be made either by you or others around you.
Sometimes you may feel pulled by the will of accomplishing things that seem great but your balance will help you keep your personal life in tandem according to this 2008 horoscope. Your energy will be renewed as a result.

During this change, mental confusion may arise. This will lead to a more efficient, practical and methodical way of managing your responsibilities. The 2008 horoscope also says that stopping to think about things around you carefully will influence not only you but the society in a different way."

To read more, and get your personalized 2008 horoscope and astrology 2008 forecast for any of your signs, visit Sara Freder or KEEN (free phone consultation).

13 Dec 2007

True Horoscope?

Time for some feedback on the 2008 horoscope poll I invited you all to vote in. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for making this blog so popular, yesterday alone I had over 1000 unique visitors from all over the word, from USA to India and UK all here to read the 2008 horoscope! And the good news is that it's only getting more popular with the new year just behind the corner.

We've now passed the 15th of the month so only 15 days to go until New Year is here and the 2008 horoscope can start becoming true (yeah right - of course it won't just bang, happen in the first day of 2008 January but it will get there in the end.

Astrology 2008 is about predicting such a 2008 horoscope and astrologists and numerologists are hoping that it's true after carefully observing the positioning of stars, planets or other celestial bodies. I have noticed the high majority of you voted that you 'Sometimes believe in horoscopes' and that is fine but some of you also voted that you don't believe in horoscopes at all.

Well, for those I wrote a few posts explaining how you could put an end to this disbelief. To accomplish this I suggest doing the following:

  • Get a 2008 horoscope (personalized one preferably, available from Sara Freder)
  • Note down the main points in your astrology 2008 or horoscope report
  • Throughout the year see if any of the points are SPECIFICALLY coming through.
  • This time next year you can then see if any of those points your horoscope predicted have actually come true! If they have, then your 2008 horoscope worked perfectly for you! Well done.

Astrology 2008

What is astrology? What does it encapsulate? I guess it can be defined as the study of the positions and aspect of certain celestial bodies in the hope and belief that they may have a course on the human affairs, whether they are love, career or anything else related. Astrology 2008 would open up your life to other astrologer's predictions.

While this may be alright for some, others may consider it as intruding on their life and may not want to open their heart to such astrologers simply to find the astrology 2008 forecast. Of course, you can find numerous of these astrologers that may as well be professional forecasters or maybe simply astrology 2008 'so-called' forecasters who are only trying to take your money - and believe me, an astrological meeting with either a professional or novice who calls himself experienced can be felt deep in the pockets.

I'm not trying to stop you from going to one, but I just want to remind you that there are other alternatives, that will get your a personalized prediction

  1. without any interaction
  2. often for free
  3. reliable.
So why pay for an astrology 2008 forecast? Well, as I've mentioned in a post of mine last week I believe, some people may think that if someone is offering a free service, it looks tacky and many people wouldn't trust them with an astrology 2008 reading. However, I tend to contradict that in many cases where people may be skeptical. I wrote up a review of 5 of the most popular services that you can find which provide astrology 2008 help and forecast for you.

The review can be found in one of my previous posts and for ease of access I will link you the links to the astrology 2008 forecasters I have tried and I recommend, if you have any questions or have a different view from mine, then please let me know and I will consider changing the astrology 2008 helpers list!

Keen - free love psychic reading by phone because they call you - after trying their service, I just had to write a review to let other people know about the great professiona readings they offer! The review I wrote can be read here.

Sara Freder - free and highly recommended astrology 2008 reader and also provides horoscope services! You can read my review about here here)

Astro Center - [offer only valid until 31st December] free phone consultation.

2008 Horoscope - Great Predictions

As I mentioned in my previous 2008 horoscope post, I promised I would make a review of the AstroCenter website which offers a great range of services, from 2008 horoscope to astrology 2008 reports and tarot readings.

As you can see on their website HERE they also offer a free 2008 horoscope:
(the image below is just a screenshot)

free 2008 horoscope screenshot

I've tried this service earlier on today, right after I got back from work and it's great. You submit your name, date of birth (day, month, year), e-mail address and other personal details which are all optional so you decide if you want to try it and you get your 2008 horoscope free!
It's a great service because it's personalized and personalization of an astrological prediction or such a 2008 horoscope, yearly makes it more probable!

I've looked for a paid prediction on their website but couldn't find one, they only offer free services, which again is great as they're not aiming to take your money at all.

That's all I've got to say for today, I'm tired, just got back from London and it's late! So if you try any of the services I recommend and would like to leave some feedback then please feel free to do so, anyone can comment.

May I also take some time to remember that if you are interested in free love psychic readings by telephone (they call you and also promise not to share/ trade/ sell your phone number) with professional astrologers then check my post HERE as I've reviewed, in my opinion the best service offering this on the internet.

Finally, good luck with your 2008 horoscope!

Horoscope + Natal Charts

2008 horoscope

A 2008 horoscope natal chart is largely based on the natal chart of a person, a personalized horoscope that is. This chart can be personally drawn for each person's time and place of birth on the planet Earth - you will only gain this chart if you visit an astrologist if you would want to gain more information about an individual; doesn't necessarily have to be yourself either. These charts are also called birth charts, natus, radix, genethliac or nativity chart.

A typical natal or birth chart looks like the one below and help in yearly horoscope predictions, such as for the 2008 horoscope:

2008 horoscope chart

All the astrological aspects are arranged in the middle of the chart as you can see. Twelve of the zodiac signs are located around the outer place on the wheel - these twelve arcs are said to form houses which are said to have important on your different areas of life. Knowing which house you are more profoundly in can be used to calculate your horoscope as well as having other important uses from an astrological perspective.

The chart above makes use of a quadrant house system where the lines of the chart divide the four quadrants - again playing a major rule in a 2008 horoscope prediction; depending on where the angles of the chart interesect the four quadrants.

12 Dec 2007

2008 Horoscope Prediction

2007 is about to end and 2008 is just around the corner. This morning I have opened my advent calendar's 19th 'slot' so that makes it exactly 6 days to go 'till Christmas and 12 days to go until the New Year - now is the best time to read up on a 2008 horoscope. Dreams and hopes come together with the New Year.

I am sure all of you on my website/ blog are eager to know what 2008 has in store for you. The best way to satisfy this curiosity is to read a 2008 horoscope which can be found at different sources and for each of the twelve zodiac signs. One of the more popular websites is the Sara Freder one where for free you can get a personalized 2008 horoscope prediction. The predictions will cover all aspects of your life such as money, finance, friendships, h ealth, luck, career, marriage and so on.

A 2008 horoscope exists for everyone of you, it's only dependant on one person of getting it - wanting to find out what happens before it happens!

10 Dec 2007

An Accurate 2008 Horoscope

Following on from our post on deciding whether a 2008 horoscope you read on the back page of the newspaper can be trusted or not, I am going to further enhance this debate as I believe it is vital to one's understanding of astrology.

According to the numbers representing the signs of the horoscope (12) and the total world population (~6 billion people) it is very hard, if not impossible to come to a sound explanation on why these horoscopes you can just pick up and read can be trusted, such as the 2008 horoscope you might decide to read on your way to work.

So, 6 billion divided by 12 is 500,000 right ? Yep, that's right I just checked - according to this calculation, the whole group of 500,000 gemini would have the same 2008 horoscope. Something like the passage below which was the current year's horoscope for gemini only should fit all 500,000+ in this world if we listen to a free horoscope forecast.

"Uneventful year for marriage and love in general until 23rd November 2007

Beyond this data, opportunities for romance will arise as well as some for marriage could build up

Marriage could, in some cases see distances and periods of separation until the end of the year.

Between 7th April and 7th August, you should exercise excessive caution in marriage as a decisive action, later regreted may be made by either partners.

Career wise, you will be full of it and may even be one of the reasons for your love life being disrupted."

I don't know about you but I am a gemini myself and can only see 2 of those points related to me, therefore making it very innacurate - and don't get me started on the 2008 horoscope.
I created this blog with the intention to please my readers and make them happy when one is reading my posts which are holistically fully opinionated and truthful therefore I will let you know what does work and how you can get it for free!

Did you know that
  • Americans alone spend more than $200 million anually consulting astrologers ?

The response to this problem is by having someone read your own horoscope by you giving them some of your details, such as name, date of birth, family background and other information which would differentiate you from other people. A large majority of these readings come for free as more and more astrological experts emerge and set up their own business. The unbelieving ones of you associate the word free with low quality or waste of time but if you don't trust it, you can always pay a mere $2-3 for one and be sure you get the time you paid for, either on the phone, e-mail or instant messaging with a professional astrologist who you can trust with your 2008 horoscope predictions!

To make the job easier for those of you who managed to find your way to my little blog I have decided to try some of the popular services on the internet and compile a list of reviews!
As a result, here are some of the services I recommend for getting your 2008 horoscope prediction that you can trust!

Keen - free love psychic reading (I have personally tried it and you can read more about it in my blog here)

Sara Freder - again, completely free astrological reader and 2008 horoscope forecaster (have personally used her services and wrote my review here)

Astro Center - [offer only valid until 31st December] free phone consultation (I will try this free version, as well as the paid one as soon as I get some spare time and will write a review on them by tomorrow, I promise!)

One other service I found on the internet which I have not reviewed yet so I can't tell you much about it is life answers:

Life Answers - will give you your 2008 horoscope personalized horoscope and provide other services such as tarot reading and psychic readings.

Horoscope Signs

Millions of people are searching for their 2008 horoscope at this time of the year beacuse we want to find out either positive things or things we should know before they happen in the new year. However, we are not only after yearly horoscopes - most of us respect the daily horoscopes as well.
Although the horoscope can tell us negative things, a 2008 horoscope is usually shaped to telling you the positive things about astrology forecasts. If 80% of it was containing bad things then very few people would look at it as it would be considered a pessimistic and would put someonone down.

I would now like to introduce you to finding the right element of the horoscope for you and if you already know it, then i will teach you how these are split into earth, fire, air and water signs in the 2008 horoscope as well as other daily horoscope.

First of all, there are the earth signs which are realistic, down to earth and as you might associate with the word, it helps you stay down to earth. These are: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.

The second group comprises of the fire signs - these are usually sexy, creative, courageous, confident, fun-loving and often risk taking, especially with love and comprise of Leo, Aries, Sagittarius in the 2008 horoscope.

The third group is the air signs which show intellectuality and power - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The fourth and final group are the water signs which as you might have guessed by a process of elimination are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in the 2008 horoscope.

This is my post for this morning, hope you found it informative and good luck with finding the right 2008 horoscope for you!

2008 Horoscope - How Accurate ?

Is it possible to make a an accurate 2008 horoscope prediction ?
One of the things that is often said about astrology is that it's one of the most difficult to understand sciences therefore it is also misunderstood by a large proportion of people. Many people try to link a spiritual subject with a secular one without the proper knowledge and therefore can arrive to misleading conclusions, such as some people who claim that can predict the 2008 horoscope.

Astrology is a science in some aspects, and an art in other aspects. Only natural for a science is to be 100% accurate - horoscope 2008 prediction uses mathematics as it's base science; and as we all know, there is no grey area in mathematics, it's a black/ white situation.

In astrology, mathematics is used to calculate vectors and the movements of stars and planets - which the astrological law says they are responsible for one's prosperity, or at the other end, someone's misery. A horoscope is individually shaped to that person's life, therefore the 2008 horoscope will be unique for each person - you cannot just expect to read a 10 line passage in Cosmopolitan, or any other magazine you regularly read to be true!

See, what I am trying to make you understand is that after years of expertise in this subject I have ended up detesting these horoscopes that claim are suitable for everyone - they are clearly not. Think about it, mathematics is a basic science and mathematics is ALWAYS accurate. Now how many times did you read a horoscope that was not accurate for you, and at the end of the day you thought 'Wait a minute!'? Well they are true to a certain extent but as I said in one of my previous posts, there are 12 signs of the horoscope and ~6 billion people on the planet.

What's the solution to getting an accurate 2008 horoscope? Find out soon...

Let's vote!

I was quite pleased earlier on today when I came back to this blog to write another post on the 2008 horoscope, when I saw this:

Great, 209 people have voted so far and I'm glad that 87% of those have voted that they believe the horoscope at least to some extent! It seems that my posts have worked, and for those that have tried Sara Freder I'm glad for the feedback I have heard so far, it seems like everyone was happy about the service she offered! :)

Indian Marriages ? Nay ?

The 2008 horoscope is closing in on its reading deadline for those of you who want to know next year's forecast - for others, you may read it at any time, if knowing your 'fate' before it happens is not your priority.

I'm just going to make this a brief post today because I had quite a hard day, doing work experience in my local hospital as I aspire to become a doctor some day you see!

So, back to the subject - what does everyone expect from 2008? I'm sure a lot of you have read at least a 2008 horoscope, if not I urge you to read one from the numerous collection (well not really a collection but a handful) found on this website! So what did they all say to you ? Were they good or bad ? I'd like to hear some of your opinions on this.

Oh and I've also put a poll on this blog which should be on the right of this post (with a bit of luck) - it's about horoscope 2008 and astrology 2008 believes. I'm sure you are all busy people with work, studies or who knows what else you are doing, but I'd appreciate it if you could vote in my horoscope 2008 poll!

Maybe.. if I get enough negative votes I'll have to write more convincing posts on good horoscope forecasts.

Well anyways, I have a few articles planned to write tomorrow, one of them being the relationship between the 2008 horoscope and Indian arranged marriages in 2008 - what do you think of that?

Horoscope Karma

Have you read your 2008 horoscope yet? What does it sound like ? How's your karma in the new year forecasted ?
Karma is the principle of cause and effect in which case your actions determine what you receive in return. The power emitted by these can be described in different and many ways but overall it all means that your current situation is only a consequence of the actions you've previously conducted, the choices you made, etc. Astrology 2008 encompasses this karma in the new year and with help from professionals it helps you see into the future and make your actions carefully.

The 2008 horoscope may change slightly for you every day depending on the course of actions you decide to take. According to the 2008 horoscope laws in particular, karma derives from your past lives as well as the current ones. So that means karma is never ended in a person's 'chain' but it continues everytime you are reborn. The actions and energy you have taken in your past lives affect the type of actions you will take now in your current life, as well as affecting your current situation, action and life in general.

Many people tend to bring karma in the 2008 horoscope because they want to find out why they are in the position they are now and how they can fix it - be it a lot of bad lucky or such similar things. After the astrological laws, which are fundamental to such a science, your destiny is determined the day you are born and you cannot do anything against it to change this if you don't like it for some reason. The 2008 horoscope can therefore help you see such things, and predict your income overall in a year. Yearly horoscopes tend to be more accurate than daily ones, because there is a smaller margin of error as the amount of time is considerably more than in a day.

Allow the 2008 horoscope to guide you through life and hopefully make you do the right choices.

9 Dec 2007

2008 Horoscope - Free Psychic Reading

The number of free psychic readings nowadays has increased drastically - the psychic readings range from e-mail, live chat or telephone reading. You may remember I blogged about a free telephone pshychic love reading service here which will also tell you your 2008 horoscope all for free as well as what you can expect from your love life. Shortly after that, I was contacted by Sara Freder who also offers psychic readings for free. She claims to be the largest clairvoyance astrologist of today's times.

Furthermore, she believe that she can predict your lucky numbers for the lottery this Christmas and New Year simply by talking to you. Well, as a reward for blogging about her website she offered to do a free psychic reading for me.
I must say that at the end of that I remained with my mouth partially opened as I didn't expect the quality of this service to be so high. It helped change my life over the past few days quite dramatically - I am now more certain of myself and no longer drawn into myself. It has also helped me engange into more conversations with my work colleagues and this will hopefully end up in more friendships.

Yes, so basically I was a bit surprised at the impact it had one me so she has gained my review and recommendation! The direct link to her free psychic reading page is THIS. She also offers a 2008 horoscope for free, together with the free psychic reading.

The form requires you to submit your Gender, Family Name, Name, State and Country, e-mail as well as your date of birth - afterall this is what makes it differ from other ones you can find for free on the internet which aren't individual at all. I hope that if you do decide to try this offer, you will not be disappointed as I definitely wasn't; and as always, let me know what you think so I can update the review and hopefully increase my readers' satisfaction!

Astrology 2008

There are many things we don't know about astrology - a science as old as the universe itself. Many people would define it as the study of objects in the galaxy, such as the planets, moons and suns, their loci in the sky and the effect this creates on the Earth itself and its population. By reading astrology 2008 or a 2008 horoscope, you have the opportunity of finding different forecasts about the year ahead - financial, relationships, etc.

Astrology has also been used in numerous cases to determine the time and place of natural disasters - some astrologists even insist the it has helped predict some terrorists attacks. It's only natural to be skeptic about this because everyone's argument would be 'so why didn't they do anything about it ?'. Most people know the basis of astrology and how it's all evolved around the planetary allignments on a particular but there is far more to it than that - In astrology 2008 in order for one to predict your 'fate', more specific things need to be taken into account, not just the horoscope which is also related to astrology and these planetary allignments.

One of these things is planetary retrogrades - to understand these, a planet's astrological effect on the behaviour of a person must be understood. The 10 planets in Astrology are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Earth.

To predict your astrology 2008, each of these planets has its own personality and this will affect the human personality to different degrees. It gets more complicated than this but the personality embodied by these planets is what may determine a person's astrology 2008 forecast in case we are looking at such a broad spectrum (365 years). An example I can think of right now is that if a person is under a sign that is ruled by Venus, then that person will have a more affectionate tendency towards a certain one or a certain group of people than someone who is portrayed under as sign of Mars.

8 Dec 2007

2008 Horoscope - Chinese Love Horoscope ?

2008 horoscope picture 12 animals

The chinese invented the compass, first gunpowder was used by the chinese and printing was first conceived and developed in China - now they also bring us the chinese love horoscope. I guess this is a bit like the 2008 horoscope but it's limited to love and friendship.
So let me tell you a bit about it - as you would think, the chinese horoscope is formed around the 12 elements or signs which also make up the Chinese zodiac, the main difference being that these are depicted as animals.

The 12 animals are:

  • Rat
  • Ox
  • Tiger
  • Dragon
  • Rabbit
  • Snake
  • Horse
  • Monkey
  • Sheep
  • Rooster
  • Pig
  • Dog

According to a legend conceived forward by the chinese ancestors, Buddha invited all the animals in the forest to a meeting. However, only 12 of them showed up and so Buddha assigned a year to each of them. From this legend therefore derive the chinese years of animals. The 2008 horoscope will tell you that 2008 will be the year of the rat. As you can see in my previous post about astrology 2008, these years are not necessarily unique and each year past and forthcoming has been assigned an animal.

To make things even more complicated, the five elements

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Metal

are also introduced into the chinese love horoscope. You therefore sometimes hear people say 'year of the wood horse' or year of the 'fire sheep'.

I hope this has helped your understanding on the chinese horoscope signs and can finally answer your own question "What is the Chinese horoscope" - if you were ever interested in these. Remember to read the 2008 horoscope to see what the new year is holding in store for you! It will be published soon.

Now that we are here may I remind you about the product review I have done on one of my earlier posts: Love Reading

It's basically a service that offers your first 5 minutes of quality love psychic reading and pair matching for free as they phone you. After that they offer 10 minutes of love reading and predictions for $1.99 once you signed up with them! Anyways, if you do decide to try them, please please please let me know what they were like for you so I can add it to my review!

Click for a FREE Psychic Reading from Keen!

Astrology 2008

You may have heard this notion numerous times but what exactly does it refer to? Astrology can be defined as 'the study of the positions and aspects of the celestial bodies with a belief that their position and way one perceives them may have an influences on the course of the natural earthly occurences and human affairs.
Such a belief is expressed by a large pool of people although often not publically and some may even be ashamed of believing in such a theory. A way of aboarding this subject is by looking at the astrology 2008 and reading the yearly horoscope for the upcoming year.

All the signs of the horoscope are listed below and the astrology 2008 and the 2008 horoscope makes use of these by tangently touching them in the predictions.

astrology 2008 picture

2008 is also said to be the year of the rat in the chinese astrology 2008 calendar. Some people are also said to belong to a certain chinese astrological category and those who belong to the year of the rat are the following:

  • Metal Rat: 31 January 1900 - 18 February 1901-- Metal Rat
  • Water Rat: 18 February 1912 - 5 February 1913-- Water Rat
  • Wood Rat 5 February 1924 - 24 January 1925 -- Wood Rat
  • Fire Rat 24 January 1936 - 10 February 1937-- Fire Rat
  • Earth Rat 10 February 1948 - 28 January 1949 -- Earth Rat
  • Metal Rat 28 January 1960 - 14 February 1961-- Metal Rat
  • Water Rat 15 February 1972 - 2 February 1973 -- Water Rat
  • Wood Rat2 February 1984 - 19 February 1985-- Wood Rat
  • Fire Rat19 February 1996 - 6 February 1997: Fire Rat
  • Earth Rat7 February 2008 - 2009: Earth Rat

Each of the year listed were also years of the rat, metal, water, wood, fire and earth correspondigly. Make use of the astrology 2008 predictions to see what your future has planned for you!

2008 Horoscope & Free Psychic Love Reading

Ever wondered whether you and your partner are made for each other? You could find an easy answer to that by reading a 2008 horoscope if you trust astrology and even better you could get a love reading for free through phone. The service offered by Keen is the best one I have found on the internet so far because they call you so you don't have to waste a single penny (or cent, depending on where you are situated).

They offer a free 5 minutes psychic love reading with professionals from all over the world in English by native english speakers- so no, you will not be talking to indians or chinese who you can barely understand. What attracted me to write this review post in my blog is that you have no obligations to pay after your 5 minutes have expired so it's all basically free, if you like it you can pay for further minutes, if you think it's a waste of money then you don't!

However, if you like what you are hearing then there are the following price plans:

  • $1.99 per 10 minutes for a new customer - great special offer when considering that:
  • For returning customers, the cost is $0.99 per minute!

Click for a FREE Psychic Reading from Keen!

I guess in a way, if you are skeptical by nature or for these kind of astrological things in particular you can hesitate but even if you are you might actually find something usesful in these astrological readings or by reading the 2008 horoscope to see what the year ahead has in store for you. To further re-inforce my believes in this service being the best on the internet, I turned to Alexa which also seems to agree with me - not only because it offers a whole 5 quality minutes of free love psychic reading but according to its rankings, it is also the 11,369th most popular website in the world! Amazing if you think of the world wide web proportions where new websites are borned every minute and old ones are rarely deleted.

2008 Horoscope - Indian Astrology

Next year you may also like to know more about Indian Astrology. The 2008 horoscope may cover some of the areas and in most cases it will be conveying similar message. The concept indian astrology relies on is the concept of fate which may be made up of personal astrology. One of the theories behind this is that depending on when the person is born, the fate is determined by the mathematical harmony in relation to the heaven stars. The good and evil actions of your past will determine your fate of your present life.

One common misunderstanding is to believe that your future is completely pre-determined by this concept. Astrology will simply provide a tool for your understanding of who you are, when you are born and for aiding you in exploration of your future possibilities. A professional astrologer can then make strong conclusions about who your best partner in a relationship may be or simply what career path you should follow for maximum success. To read the 2008 horoscope and allow someone to read the 2008 astrology reports for you is one step forward to taking steps in prevention of the negative unexpected.

Think of fate as a game deck once they have been dealt out - you can't change your cards but with professional help you can play them in such an order to make your life easy and helpful. Therefore, reading your 2008 horoscope will provide you with the upper arm!

Horoscope Believer ?

2008 horoscope wheel

If you are a believer in horoscopes, but 2008 horoscope in particular then I am sure you have come across several non-believers. However, you will be happy to know that the percentage of believers in astrological predictions is higher than the percentage of non-believers in this art or science.
The other group of people are those who do read horoscopes and are not afraid to admit it to the world, and the group opposite to that is that which contains people who would read the 2008 horoscope but will be afraid to show that they believe in astrology.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in such a practice and you should admit with proper confidence that you 'can' be influenced by such astrological predictions and that your faith does believe in it.
There are a few people I know, not personally that didn't use to believe in astrology 2008, as well as other astrology but they do now because of certain events that happened. When they either looked back at their horoscope for that week or month they could identify some of these events very clearly. Therefore, from this point on they have gained faith in this science.

The New Year is approaching in a fast train and the best way to figure out what your predictions are in the New Year is to read 2008 horoscope! Whether you are looking towards social, educational or love forecasts they can all be found by reading such as 2008 horoscope which will be published on this blog shortly!

2008 Horoscope - Future Forecast

The point of all horoscopes is that people are curious - a high number of the world population wants to know about their future before it actuall happens. At the end of last year, millions of people were searching for their horoscope on the internet and other 'offline' places. 2008 Horoscope is proving to also be popular in astrological forecasts.

The fascination also belongs to such things as star signs, birth signs, chinese horoscope and numerology. Now is the best time to see an insigh into your future, as the end of the present year is nigh. Welcome the 2008 New Year's Eve with already having an insigh by reading the 2008 horoscope!

New year resolutions are also common around this time of the year - why not see if they have any chance of accomplishment? A 2008 horoscope will provide you with the right directions in your everyday actions. You can even take advantage of reading a 2008 horoscope if you do not believe in astrology; afterall you only have to read it once a year. Sure, other people buy daily horoscopes so they know that to expect in the current day but others prefer to let all the events unwrap as through a surprise.

You must also be careful about the quality of the sources of 2008 horoscope predictions - not all sources will be as truthful as others and some horoscope readings may even hurt you. The person who claims that can astrologically read your future must have knowledge of astrological science and to have been practicing the reading of stars for numerous years as experience comes with practice.

The beginning of a New Year is the most sought time to find predictions for the next year. If you are one of those guys or women who must have some insight into their every day doing, then read a 2008 horoscope and you could as well have a step ahead of others!

If you are looking for free personalized horoscopes I have compiled a list of those who I have reviewed here:

Keen - free love psychic reading by phone because they call you - after trying their service, I just had to write a review to let other people know about the great professiona readings they offer! The review I wrote can be read here.

Sara Freder - free and highly recommended astrology 2008 reader and also provides horoscope services! You can read my review about here here)

Astro Center - [offer only valid until 31st December] free phone consultation and provides your 2008 horoscope.

2008 Horoscope

What will the next year be holding up for you? The only way to find out is by checking a 2008 horoscope.

The 2008 horoscope is an excellent way of finding what the new year has in store for you and by reading a 2008 horoscope it also means that you are prepared - for everything the next year might have prepared for you.

The 2008 horoscope is split into 12 different signs and as a result each personal on this planet fits one of the 12 signs. I am sure you all know what they are so I won't list them here.

What sign each person has depends on the date one is born - day and month. Each person has their own unique 2008 horoscope yearly, according to their sign. Therefore, as a consequence, each of the twelve sings will have their own 2008 horoscope.

Everything you can think of can be influenced by such a yearly horoscope, but the problem is - can we trust the 2008 horoscope? Some would, others wouldn't and that's only normal in today's skeptical world. However, whether you believe in astrology and horoscopes or not, you can find everything here!