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15 Dec 2007

Horoscope - A Brief History

Astrologists have always existed - from the early ages, patterns in weather, season and crops were interesting to the initial co-habitants. Early humans simply didn't have the science required to understand how eclipses are formed, or how the planets and celestial bodies can move around us, or even how we can 'float' in space. All of this has so much to do with a 2008 horoscope; think of how one is forecasted, it all depends on the arrangement and understanding of objects in space. Early philosophers and astrologers have taught us everything we know today about this science or art; the 2008 horoscope and how to predict it - not only that, but accurately predict it.

Shapes of planets and stars became gods and symbolised goddesses and more people started gaining interest in them - the insighftul ones started to see how the science was involving, captivating more and more people's interests and time devotion. A religion had eventually formed around this science - every ancient culture had at least one form of religion whose field was in planetary and stars movements (going back to the 2008 horoscope, that's what it's all about today, isn' it? Remember those 'houses' and 'house charts' I was talking about?).

Due to so much interest, the astrologers and astronomers have now joined forces and were known to be one and the same science with similar aims. Astronomers had the job of observing and noting down the patterns they could observe in the sky which were then extrapolated around their life experiences, which was the astrologists' concern.

Three main cultures were the Inca, Mayan and the Aztec which all had complex astrological mentalities based on 20 elements in a horoscope (12 now in our 2008 horoscope). 12 of the 20 are still included in today's zodiac, however the other 8 were 'extinguished' together with the originating tribes.

In comes the chinese horoscope

The increasing interest in astrology has extended to the far east and eventually reached nations such as China. Around 1000 B.C. a zodiac which corresponded to constellations had been developed; 28 part lunar horoscope. The wheel was divided into 24 divisions of the year, together with 12 outer branches corresponding to animals. This was the debut of the chinese horoscope which is still used today - remember 2008 is said to be the year of the rat? Well the chinese 2008 horoscope will be under the rat column in the wheel below. Further differentiations between the animals were made - each of the elements were associated to a year.

2008 horoscope forecast

The astrologists have gone through a lot to bring the horoscope system as we see it today - different systems played an influential role in different cultures, from gods and godesses to fire rats and metal rabbits, the astrological science has evolved allowing you to now easily gain an advantage over others in your interest is in a 2008 horoscope.


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