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  1. Astro Center - [offer only valid until 31st August] provides a free phone consultation to offer your own 2008 horoscope.

13 Dec 2007

2008 Horoscope - Great Predictions

As I mentioned in my previous 2008 horoscope post, I promised I would make a review of the AstroCenter website which offers a great range of services, from 2008 horoscope to astrology 2008 reports and tarot readings.

As you can see on their website HERE they also offer a free 2008 horoscope:
(the image below is just a screenshot)

free 2008 horoscope screenshot

I've tried this service earlier on today, right after I got back from work and it's great. You submit your name, date of birth (day, month, year), e-mail address and other personal details which are all optional so you decide if you want to try it and you get your 2008 horoscope free!
It's a great service because it's personalized and personalization of an astrological prediction or such a 2008 horoscope, yearly makes it more probable!

I've looked for a paid prediction on their website but couldn't find one, they only offer free services, which again is great as they're not aiming to take your money at all.

That's all I've got to say for today, I'm tired, just got back from London and it's late! So if you try any of the services I recommend and would like to leave some feedback then please feel free to do so, anyone can comment.

May I also take some time to remember that if you are interested in free love psychic readings by telephone (they call you and also promise not to share/ trade/ sell your phone number) with professional astrologers then check my post HERE as I've reviewed, in my opinion the best service offering this on the internet.

Finally, good luck with your 2008 horoscope!


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