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Getting your own personalized 2015 horoscope is easy - a lot of websites and services such as the one linked above offer it for free.

But how do you know you're not being tricked, scammed or wasting your time? You don't!

To help you in getting the best astrological forecast from a truly certified astrologer, I have tried and reviewed 10 of the popular astrology sites I found by searching for a reliable horoscope and picked three of them which I recommend. I am sure you will be satisfied if you try them.

Other Recommendations:
  1. Astro Center - [offer only valid until 31st August] provides a free phone consultation to offer your own 2008 horoscope.

21 Dec 2007

2008 Horoscope - Love Reading Year

I guess psychic reading is a technique employed by 'gifted' people who claim to have these psychic abilities (from reading 2008 horoscope to giving out psychic love readings). These professional psychic reading abilities include:

  • psychometry
  • distant reading (this is where our love reading is included)
  • 2008 horoscope readings
  • numerology
  • palm reading

Distant Readings are often conducted with the client being away, either in no contact at all or simply speaking on the phone. However, the client does not need to be present face to face with the astrologists. For example, readings of your horoscope. If you go to Sara Freder, she will provide you with a free personalized reading of a 2008 horoscope without you needing to be on the phone or face to face with her. These personalized horoscope readings in particular are based on techniques learnt from the house charts of a person according to their date, exact time of birth and location.

You don't need to understand how these work as long as they do! But I explained them to you here anyway.

How to Get A Free Psychic Love Reading
We covered the personal 2008 horoscope readings in details in several of my post previously, but let's focus more on psychic love reading for now. What does it take? As I said before, love reading is a psychic ability; meaning that it can be done without any face to face interaction.
Because of this, phone services such as Keen were created - this is where professional astrologers and psychic love readers offer their services for others' benefits and it's a lovely little service. At the moment, as a Christmas and New Year promotion, Keen offer a 10 minute free call for every new user. Following this, the calls will cost from $1-2 per minute to $20, depending on the experience of the astrologer/ psychic love reader you choose.

In my experience, picking an average one, $6-7 will go straight to the point and you will also learn more from him/ her. If you pick a cheap one, they might ramble on about irrelevant stuff, or even worse provide you with wrong information. If you pick a too expensive one, you might have paid more than you actually needed to. All of the $5+ astrologers have similar level of expertise in my opinion.

Now is not only the best time in the year to read a 2008 horoscope, but it's also the best time in the year to get a free psychic love reading; what I love about Keen is that you don't have to pay a cent after those 10 free minutes are over. I've personally tried this service and reviewed it here so you can see what I thought of it - but then again, I wouldn't be recommending it to you if I didn't think it's great, would I?

I'm sure you already thought of the advantages of getting a love reading done for you. Firstly, it can greatly save you time as you have a greater chance of knowing whether you and your current partner are meant for each other. It will save you wasting those 2-3 years of 'light' relationships. Of course, it doesn't mean that if you two don't fit at all you have to dump him, but it might raise a question mark and make you pay more attention to the relationship.

Psychic readings can even tell you whether your partner is cheating on you! So if you have some spare time, give Keen a go - quick, you never know when this promotion will be over!

Best of luck in whatever you choose to do, read a 2008 horoscope or get a free psychic love reading consultation!


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