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20 Jan 2008

Astrology 2008 - Why Newspaper Horoscopes SUCK

Astrology 2008 being the study of the stars, influence of cosmic objects and other galactical objects and the impact those have on the human lives is bound to be controversial. An astrology 2008 report reflects an individual's sign which can be one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac. Hence in some languages, instead of the astrology 2008 or 2008 horoscope report, one refers to it as the zodiac report or simply the zodiac (not the film!). So what is a 2008 horoscope based on ?

The astrology reports in the newspapers are entirely based on this for every day of the year or for an entire year, such as the astrology 2008 forecast. To find your 2008 astrology forecast you would simply read one of these reports. It's the simplest form because for the daily horoscope, nothing more than someone's birthday date is needed to generate such a horoscope.
Because of this simplicity, if only these guidelines are followed by astrologists, an astrology 2008 report would produce limited results.

For a more accurate reading for an astrology 2008 forecast, astrologers also need to relate the position of each planet at the time of birth. The position will be indicated by one of the 12 signs. The planets and other celestial signs will combine with other elements to form more complex and very specific and individual profile of a person's personality, life, career, and future prospects.

You can now see how an astrology 2008 forecast, an accurate one that is can only be produced if the astrologer knows a person's exact date of birth. This is the reason why I have been encouraging you, past last few days to use such services as Sara Freder or other ones you might find on the internet to generate your 2008 horoscope for you. They provide an individual horoscope for the certain date of birth instead of comprising the whole 30 days along which a zodiac sign spans.

I personally recommend the Sara Freder (click) service for this but you can find other ones by doing an internet search - good luck with your 2008 horoscope and astrology 2008 forecast!


Anonymous said...

this woman Sara Freder stalked me by email for about 10 years. i couldn't get off her email list. i found her strategy to be a tad parasitical.

Yuri Romanov said...

A lot of daily horoscope readings through newspapers are just made for entertainment purposes. They are really not that accurate as people suppose. Cheers.

capricorn daily horoscope said...

This process assumes that we do not control our own destiny, but it is in fact mapped out for us and we are just motorists in a vehicle that is programmed for a certain destination.

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