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28 Dec 2007

Feedback on 2008 Horoscope Love Psychic Reading

Thank you all so much for e-mailing me and letting me know how the services you tried that I recommended on my blog are doing for you! I got 15 emails in total this month from delighted people! Most of them were regarding the free 2008 horoscope personalised reading by Sara Freder!

Four of them were regarding KEEN - a service which offers free love reading through the phone (yep, free as they call you). If my memory serves me correctly, I believe the first 10 minutes are free, after which you have the option to pay for $1-$10 per minute depending on the experience of your chosen psychic reader/ astrologist. So.. how does one get their 2008 horoscope or simply a psychic love reading for the new year ?

I've explained it in more detail here, in a previous post of mine but I'll just list some of the steps for you:

  1. You sign up with KEEN for a trial
  2. You choose a time of day for them to phone you (sometimes it's instant)
  3. They phone you free of charge and this conversation will last for 10 minutes!
  4. If you like what they have to say about you, you simply tell them on the website that you would like to hear more and choose the astrologer you want to talk to. Each astrologer's price differs depending on their experience but some cost as little as $0.99
So far, the service offered by them is the best I found on the internet and their website is the most popular one the internet has to offer as well, with approximately more than 6,000 visitors a day (figure calculated on basis of Alexa ranking).

One of the features that make them stand out is that they allow users to immediately connect live with professionals, instead of other services where they are either too busy (i.e not enough employess to deal with the demands) or where you have to connect to foreign countries and can hardly understand what they are talking. Fortunately, Keen is different and that is why it's the service I recommend best for psychic love reading; infact, it's the only service I recommend!

Well, this is my post for today! Just felt I had to encourage more people to use their services after the good feedback I received :))

Here are the links I refered to in my post above:

KEEN - free and recommended psychich love reading service

Sara Freder - free truly recommended personal 2008 horoscope service!

The latter one is simply a free personalized 2008 horoscope website which offers quality forecasts :)). Hope you are pleased with them!


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