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24 Jan 2008

2008 Matchmaking

I was reading this article on Freep.com talking about Bravo's new premiere in 2008 - 'The Millionaire Matchmaker' and I thought it's something to write about as I haven't updated my blog in a long time! You can read the full article on their site but I will give you a summary on what this new "venture" is about.

Patti Stanger, who is the founder of one of most select matchmaking clubs online is going to spend his day and night to find the love for your life, according to some astrological aspects as well as talking to each member of the program and extracting vital information about their love life.

This docudrama proves to be interesting and is therefore going to be televised nationwide on the Bravo channel; the people who are more successful at making money than finding a wife are about to get some tips - at least that's what it's expected.

Patti Stanger recalls his young days:

"It was when I was in seventh grade actually," Stanger says. "We went to a community dance. The girls were on one side, and the boys on the other, and I was like, 'This is stupid.' There was this cute little Jewish boy. My friend was looking at him, and nobody was saying anything. I just walked over and said, 'What's your name?' He said, 'My name is Steven.' I'm like, 'Steven, meet my friend Gail.' And that was it. They dated for like a year."

This isn't so much related to the 2008 horoscope, but I thought it's a news to write about and a lot of you might be interested into this type of TV show!

20 Jan 2008

Astrology 2008 - Why Newspaper Horoscopes SUCK

Astrology 2008 being the study of the stars, influence of cosmic objects and other galactical objects and the impact those have on the human lives is bound to be controversial. An astrology 2008 report reflects an individual's sign which can be one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac. Hence in some languages, instead of the astrology 2008 or 2008 horoscope report, one refers to it as the zodiac report or simply the zodiac (not the film!). So what is a 2008 horoscope based on ?

The astrology reports in the newspapers are entirely based on this for every day of the year or for an entire year, such as the astrology 2008 forecast. To find your 2008 astrology forecast you would simply read one of these reports. It's the simplest form because for the daily horoscope, nothing more than someone's birthday date is needed to generate such a horoscope.
Because of this simplicity, if only these guidelines are followed by astrologists, an astrology 2008 report would produce limited results.

For a more accurate reading for an astrology 2008 forecast, astrologers also need to relate the position of each planet at the time of birth. The position will be indicated by one of the 12 signs. The planets and other celestial signs will combine with other elements to form more complex and very specific and individual profile of a person's personality, life, career, and future prospects.

You can now see how an astrology 2008 forecast, an accurate one that is can only be produced if the astrologer knows a person's exact date of birth. This is the reason why I have been encouraging you, past last few days to use such services as Sara Freder or other ones you might find on the internet to generate your 2008 horoscope for you. They provide an individual horoscope for the certain date of birth instead of comprising the whole 30 days along which a zodiac sign spans.

I personally recommend the Sara Freder (click) service for this but you can find other ones by doing an internet search - good luck with your 2008 horoscope and astrology 2008 forecast!

9 Jan 2008

Why do people resist science?

I was reading through my previous posts, and that's when I thought I was a bit unfriendly towards my blog readers who don't trust science, and more specifically astrological science. This made me think about how astrology has changed over the past years.

In the ancient times, astrologists were accused of worshipping the devil when some claimed they could predict the future. A number of books were written related to this subject and the star reading and how the audience of these has evolved, but I haven't read any of those. I'm just going to tell you straightforwardly, what I truely think about the quite abrupt evolution of this so sought after science nowadays.

The Sunday Times Magazine, the Sunday Telegraph and a high number of other popular newspaper publications now have an extra column they didn't have 100 years ago on their pages - the weekly horoscopes column. This not only offers its readers their weekly horoscope, but may also provide telephone services for psychic, tarot reading or numerology.
More recently even, The Times even released the most popular first names list of children, not alphabetically, but by astrological sign.


So how did a science which originates in Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago manage to extend its roots into today's society?
Not only does it provide a forecast and pleases people but it also emites hope to the readers - hope that if one is prepared and ready for the forecasts, then they will come its way and they will be taken advantage of.
People may see the above statement as strictly representative of such readings, and non horoscope believers may also agree with it, while at the same time not having a justification for spending your life in such a way.


All in all, the horoscope provides answers to people's questions, and is therefore satisfying for those - and at the same time, it doesn't damage anyone else either; it's only your choice whether you believe it or not.

5 Jan 2008

New Year!

Hello everyone, glad you managed to find your way to 'my 2008 horoscope' - my blog where I review astrological services I found on the internet.

So here we are, in the New Year, 2008 and I have to ask - how did your New Year's Eve go? Myself, living in London I went to the British Airways London Eye fireworks display and along with some friends managed to take some spectacular pictures, some of which are above. The rest I've uploaded on Flickr.

The night was amazing, and the best part was that I couldn't feel a breeze. It was a reasonably warm (UK typical temperatures) and pleasant night! The fireworks display which last for about 10 minutes and was said to cost £100,000 per minute (Yup!) was the best I have ever seen.

So I began to wonder, why didn't we have such spectacular fireworks for New Year's Eve every year ? Why did we have to start in 2000 ? Other countries I know have always had fireworks to celebrate such events but if I recall correctly, all UK had was boring shows on TV - which still applies for now by the way!
My family, who stayed at home was actually looking forward to the New Year build-up and was expecting famous singers/ bands, etc. - basically, something entertaining. Well, in return they got bands NO ONE has ever heard of (ok, there was the eventual Mika and Paul McCartney), not even my friends when I told them their names; and they are all into modern music.

Well, that's how I spent my New Year's Eve and there was also a bit of a rant about BBC's very poorly organized New Year's Eve build-up. Glad we have the British Airways to save us from embarassment towards the rest of the world... oh wait ?

4 Jan 2008

Update: Poll Results

My original intention was to make a separate section for the Hindu translation, if enough people think it would be a good idea. So I thought a poll would help me decide whether it's a 'worth making' idea or not. 18-22 so just less than half think it wouldn't be worth it!

Afterall, even with those numbers I would still go ahead with it to help as many of my readers as I can, but the problem is that I haven't found a reliable Hindu translator yet. The one I was thinking of using was the blogger transliteration feature, however after getting some advice from friends I learnt that it's not reliable at all. So rather than scare you away, I'm not going to go ahead with it ;).

2 Jan 2008

2008 Horoscope - Aquarius


In 2008, astrology predicts that you will need to be more careful than ever with the finances as you might have some unforeseen leaks that could peck at your resources. You will need to investigate such areas as socialising, pleasure-seeking, as well as home and property to avoid such accidental leaks. You will also need to further develop your social skills and now, according to the horoscope is a good time to start saving up for some rainy days. The bright side to this is that if you will be one of those who will need financial backup, other close friends will help.
However, don't rely too much on them!


2008 promises to be a memorable year for you and your close ones. If you are already lucky enough to have met the right person for you, then your relationship will only strengthen. You may need to prove your loyalty in the next year. Don't let the family and other friends come between your love life; the stars are on your side in the year of the rat, according to horoscope forecasts. Another side to turn to is your workloadk - carefully monitor this and don't let it interfere between you and your partner. It's a good idea to put relationship and friendship first, and work second at least in the first quarter of the year.

--Also read the yearly horoscope for libra--

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1 Jan 2008

Psychic Love Reading Year!

I would like to remind you about a 2008 horoscope and psychic love reading service that has been 'making waves' over the internet; (yes, I have mentioned it in my previous posts but I'd just like to remind you of what it consists of). The 2008 horoscope and psychic love reading service is called Keen. Taking advantage of Keen's first 10 minutes free promotion is a great way to start the New Year! It's your chance to find your yearly predictions, and in particular those related to love and romance.

Have you been wondering? "When will I ever meet the right person?" or.. "Is he the right person for me?" or.. "Are we really meant to be together?". Well, if you have then I recommend you try their telephone service which won't cost you a cent! And they'll even tell you your 2008 personalized horoscope for free! I actually wrote a more thorough review on the quality offered by this service here.

Whenever someone mentions that a telephone service won't cost a cent I think of "liers" or"yeah, right" but there really is no hidden charge ;). I haven't received my phone bill for last month yet, but if I would have I could show you the $0.00 charge from when I phoned them).

The astrologers' only revenue comes from you willingly subscribing to them (which yes, it does cost a few dollars) after you received your 10 minutes free trial call. So that means they are so sure that you will be pleased with the psychich love predictions you are being forecasted that you will want to subscribe to their service for future calls.

Their subscription costs differ from $0.99 per minute to $10 per minute, but it's all after your free 10 minutes (and you can find out a lot in those 10 minutes) even if you don't decide to subscribe beforehand.

My recommendation and advice to you for the start of this New Year is to give it a go and see what you think of the 2008 horoscope or psychic reading provided by Keen. I've always been an opportunist and in this case there is nothing to loose, only to gain!

The 2008 Horoscope And New Year Are Here!

2008 horoscope picture

Happy New Year to all my 2008 horoscope readers! I hope you have all had a brilliant New Year's Eve, whether you went to a party or celebrated it by watching the television program, which was hopefully better in other parts than in the UK! Gosh, it was absolutely terrible. My family and I were all expecting BBC 1 and BBC 2 to put on a great show and warm the atmosphere up for midnight but instead all we got was bands we've never heard of, lame interviews and not even a countdown to midnight. BBC 1 for example jumped straight to 'The Eye' fireworks, what I always call them.

The fireworks were the attracting of the evening, and I truly think the £1.5M(?) spent on them was worth it; just hope it wasn't all from tax payer's money!

Right, that's for the introduction, now let's get to business. I've put up a new poll to decide whether I should use the blogger transliteration feature for translating my posts to Hindu because I thought a lot of my readers would appreciate it. I'm going to let it up for a couple more days and then make a final decision about whether providing the 2008 horoscope transliteration report in hindu as well as english, or just stuck to english.

First thing I'm going to say is that the Astro Center link which 'used' to provide a free astrological psychic horoscope consultation by phone is now dead, the offer stopped yesterday. I haven't checked but if you want to have a look I think they still offer phone consultations but not for free anymore.

However, there is always Sara Freder who is a renowned astrology reader and will predict your personalized/ individual horoscope with no hesitation, which doesn't cost you anything either; the best way to find what the year of the rat has in store for you! I haven't yet heard a negative feedback from the visitors I recommended to her! All of them were to far pleased with the results, which is the main reason for my strong recommendation.